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Image by Joshua Woroniecki

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy. It is a body-mind integrated therapy which is evidenced based and proven to be highly effective for those who have symptoms of trauma and is used within the context of psychotherapy.

The SAFE EMDR approach was developed by Deborah Kennard through the Personal Transformation Institute. This attachment approach takes into consideration early attachment patterns and experiences, as well as the built-in trauma responses that themselves become patterns. In most therapies these patterns and trauma responses are considered blocks to the therapeutic process. However, the SAFE EMDR approach views these blocks as strengths as well as challenges. We will reconsider blocks as overdeveloped skills so that we can safely work within your patterns, rather than against them. This recasting of a blocks creates a space for you to approach distressing memories with less resistance. This nonviolent approach emphasizes safety and allows us to do work together more effectively.

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