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Come home to your wholeness.

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My journey in becoming a trauma therapist has been organic and has come from a natural desire to live a happier, healthier life, and support my clients in doing the same. It has been through my continued self exploration and training, that I continue to witness the deep transformation that can come when working with the body and nervous system.  Though words are important, they are not enough to create long lasting, inside out change.
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My approach is trauma- informed, strength based, non-judgmental, and honors each client’s unique emotional system. I offer an integrative approach to counseling, which combines cognitive (top down) & somatic (bottom up) evidence-based practices into the counseling process. I have learned that it is through the healing of our nervous system that we will find the relief and radical change which we are seeking in therapy.


I believe the client-counselor relationship is at the heart of effective therapy. I greet my clients with warmth, understanding, and acceptance in each session, drawing on each client’s strength and inner wisdom to bring about change in their lives. I am passionate about working with adults who have symptoms of trauma, ptsd, attachment trauma, codependency, relationship issues, struggle with chronic pain, and auto-immune disorders.


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Relational Trauma

Complex Trauma

Chronic Pain


Auto-Immune Disease

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